I needed to make a few coat racks or coat hooks to hang behind doors. After a lot of hesitation, I made them using a very simple model. A wooden circle and an inclined strand. Here are the steps.

Cutting circles

We start by cutting out the circles using the drill press. For this, I adapt a hole saw by removing the central drill bit and replacing it with a nut. So I cut circles in the central hole. I make them with a drill press to simplify maintenance. Indeed, without the central drill, it is very difficult to attack the circle. Be careful not to forget a martyr to avoid dulling the hole saw on the drill table. Little tip to avoid burnt marks around the round, I spray the hole saw with a dry lubricant for wood before plunging.

Drilling for the strand

It is then a matter of drilling the circles at an angle to insert the strand which will support the hanger, towel or clothes. I tilt the drill table, I choose a drill bit of the right diameter and I drill, taking care that at the end of drilling, I still remain in the material.

Walnut husk tint

I decide to stain the circles with walnut husk while the strand will remain in light wood. After sanding, I immerse the circles in a small bowl of walnut hulls and let them dry.

Insertion of strands

We then cut strands to the right length, which we sand lightly to insert them more easily. To prevent them from sticking out at the back, sand everything on an inverted belt sander. A pre-hole above the strand to screw it onto the door and you’re done!

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